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ダイヤを始めとするハイクオリティの天然石やクリスタルを使用したStone nail Artistとして、大人気DJ KAORI、R&BシンガーのAI等数々のセレブリティの




2009年-2011年 タイ/バンコク ASIA HERB ASSOCIATIONのネイルサロンプロデューサーに就任。




2013年、NY修行を終え帰国後、拠点をタイ・バンコクに移しKana Shimada Total Beauty & Co. サロンをエカマイゲートウェイにOPEN。


2014年、ウェディングプラインニングまで手がけるトータルビューティープロデューサーとしてウェディング&イベントプロデュース部門を設立、 スクンビット55にある日系美容室 Lilac by 106 Hair Studio内にKana Shimada Wedding & Events サロンをOPEN。



Kana Shimada (2).jpg

Raised in an international environment in both Bangkok and Tokyo, she was exposed to diversity of cultures, languages, and expressions from her early ages which developed her sense of “open mindedness”. From being able to appreciate a wide range of values, it was very natural for her to fall in love with the nature of “color”, “design”, and “preciseness” which are indispensable factors of beauty.

In the past years, she has worked for Japanese celebrity artists such as “DJ KAORI” and R&B singer “AI” to name a few, and her working field goes out to bridal, stage nails, magazines, TV shows, drama series, etc. Although she can impress you with her works in almost any kind of nail arts, she can provide you the best, especially in bridal nails and party nails. The selection of high quality natural stones and crystals from diamonds to pearls brings an elegant look into her nail designs.

Everything started from this one opportunity, working as a model for a professional nail artist while she was still a student. This experience encouraged her to take the very first step into the world of nail arts and managed herself up to an established independent nail artist.
After working as a distinguished stone nail artist from the year 2006, her perfectionist state of mind brought her to the big apple, New York City in 2011 for further pursuance for beauty as a makeup artist. After intense studying and internship for hair & makeup skills, she returned from NYC in 2013, started her career as a total beauty producer and opened her first salon for nails, hair & makeup, and Indiba treatment specialist at Gateway Ekkamai in Bangkok on March 1st, 2014, and a Bridal & Event Salon at Hair Studio 106 Sukhumvit 39 in June, 2015.
She continues her mission world wide as wedding producer and total beauty consultant.

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